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Family-Friendly Things to do in Geelong

Geelong is one of the most overlooked places because of its seaside nature but there are actually plenty of fun things you can do in this little town. When you’re living in Melbourne, Geelong is just an hour away making it a perfect getaway if you’re looking for a quick break from the bustling city.

Geelong is more than just a seaside town – there are also plenty of cafes, shops, and beautiful attractions to see in this place. If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway with your family, Geelong is one of the best places you could go. Here are some of the best and family-friendly things you could do in this town.

Visit the Eastern Beach

Since it is a seaside town, the first attraction that comes to mind is the beach. Geelong is blessed with stunning views of the ocean and the Eastern Beach is the best location where you could enjoy these views the best. There are plenty of activities you can do in Eastern Beach – from the barbeque, taking photos, strolling, taking a dip, and a lot more. This place is perfect for all ages since there are always fun activities present in it.

Food Trip

If you or your family loves food trip, then you’re just in the right place. Geelong is not only home to beautiful beaches but also holds a variety of restaurants and cafes that serve the best food. Try out a guided brewery tour and grab a free tasting of their beer. Aside from breweries, Geelong is also home to many restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, pizzeria, and a lot more. You and the kids will definitely enjoy this foodie trip. You can even get a takeaway pizza Geelong from the pizzeria to enjoy on your way home.

Go Cycling

If you and your family love biking, then you’ll definitely enjoy one of Geelong’s best attractions – the Bellarine Rail Trail. It is a well-maintained cycling route that is perfect for bikers on all level of expertise. You can take your own bike with you or hire one nearby for more convenience. There are so many spots where you could rent a bike plus you can even choose from basic to mountain bikes depending on your preference.

Wildlife Spotting

Kids definitely love animals that’s why one of the best activities you could do as a family is to go wildlife spotting. The Barwon River is a popular spot located in the heart of Geelong and is home to many different species of Aussie native animals – from birds, platypus, wallabies, and a lot more. You may also go fishing by the river while relaxing or even take a short afternoon stroll while unwinding. It is best to spend a few hours in this spot in order to witness most of the creatures that live by the river.

There are plenty of things you could do with your family when you visit Geelong. Consider this destination on your next trip whether it’s just a quick weekend getaway or a long vacation.

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