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Best Graduation Gifts for Your Best Friend

Giving a gift for someone who is graduating or has just graduated is a little different from every birthday or Christmas gifts, especially when that someone is your best friend. Your gift will have to show that you love them dearly but also have to show support about their future, and the new projects that have lined up. Check out below to see some of the best gift items to choose from when choosing something for a best friend who is graduating.

1.    A Watch

If you are looking for a traditional gift, then here it is. Whether it is for a boy or a girl, a watch is one of the most common graduation gifts. Fashion-wise, it is a good choice to add to one’s outfit especially to the workplace. Watches are also a symbol of the beginning of a new stage in life, and therefore will be perfect with the time of graduation.

If your friend is someone who loves the classic look of a regular wristwatch, then you can choose that. But if you also have the option of choosing a smartwatch which will have many other features like notifications, music, and sending texts. This will surely make their new life easier.

2.    Books

Here is a classic gift idea. We all have that one friend who is a huge book lover. For these kinds of people, there is nothing called ‘too much books’. But instead of giving them just any book, you can choose from a variety of books out there that is about living in the real world and overcoming fears and challenges. They can either be fictional or non-fictional. You can even choose good biographies or autobiographies that would be helpful. Always stick to a genre that they are passionate about and you will easily find the right book for them.

3.    Handbag

For ladies, a handbag is an essential part of their work outfit. A quality handbag is not only something where you can put all your essentials in when travelling but it is also a marker of someone’s status and personality. For a newly graduated friend who will be facing many interviews and other formal meetings, making a good impression is important, and therefore, carrying the right handbag with the right outfit is important. Therefore, choose a good handbag that has all these features; good finishing and quality, neutral color to match many outfits, durability, and space. Not many people think of handbags as a graduation gift so this will make your gift even more special.

4.    Personalized Gifts

Giving personalized gifts is something that happens quite a lot these days. And if you really want to add a sentimental value to your graduation gift, then opting for a personalized gift is a good decision. There are plenty of ideas that you can try when it comes to personalized gifts. One of the personalized graduation gifts is personalized mugs.

There are also paperweights, keepsake boxes, and pillows/cushions that you can get made. You can also try something like a personalized notebook, diary, or journal that your friend can use to track their daily work. Contact IOCO gift designers and they can show you many ideas you can try for personalized gifts.

Never choose a gift randomly. Since you are choosing something for your best friend, you must know their interests and passions. This will help you to figure out what kind of graduation gift they would love and value the most.

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